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Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Place: ICMP сonference hall

Time: every Thursday, 15:30 EET


11.01 - The Ising model in Rényi statistics - Vasyl Ignatyuk 

18.01 - Jordan discussion 2024

25.01 - The Blume-Capel model on a complete graph: exact expressions and partition function zeros - Yulian Honchar 

01.02 - New non-Anderson disorder driven phase transition in Dirac materials - Andrei A. Fedorenko

08.02 - Using models from statistical physics to study the collective movements of animal groups - Valentin Lecheval

15.02 - Capture of metal ions by polymeric macromolecules: lattice simulations Viktoria Blavatska 

22.02 - Functional of the grand partition function in the method of collective variables - Roman Romanik

29.02 - New aspects of a hypergeometric transformation of Ramanujan (Bruce Berndt, Srinivasamurthy Bhargava and Frank Garvan) - Mykola Shpot



Archive of former seminars please find here