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About Institute / Doctors honoris causa / Anatoliy Zagorodny

Anatoliy Zagorodny

Anatoliy ZagorodnyBy decision of the Scientific Council of ICMP of National Academy of Science of Ukraine from March 18, 2010, the title Doctor honoris causa was conferred on  Anatoliy Zagorodny (M. M. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of NAS of Ukraine in Kyiv) for his working out the statistical theory of spatially constrained plasma-molecular systems, constructing a consistent ab initio kinetic theory of dusted plasma, the close scientific cooperation and the active assistance in establishing our Institute.

Anatoliy Zagorodny was born on January 29, 1951 in the village Velyka Bahachka in Poltava Region of Ukraine. The scientific activities of the scientist are closely connected with the M.M. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, where he started to work in 1972, just after graduating from the Radiophysics Faculty of the Kharkiv State University, and where he passed the way from a research probationer up to the department's head and director.

His main scientific works deal with general problems in the theory of kinetic processes, the theory of turbulent plasma, the theory of transfer processes in the thermonuclear plasma. A. G. Zagorodny (in collaboration with I. P. Yakimenko and Yu. L. Klimontovich) developed the statistical theory of spatially constrained plasma-molecular systems and on this basis investigated the effect of interaction between the plasma and molecular sub-systems on electromagnetic fluctuations in such systems. He worked out the theory of bremsstrahlung in plasma-molecular systems, which consistently takes into account all possible scattering processes involving charged particles and molecules (including ionization and recombination), as well as the scattering of electrons and molecules on collective fluctuations. A. G. Zagorodny (in collaboration with O. G. Sitenko) generalized the theory of fluctuations in the stable stationary plasma to the case of turbulent plasma with fluid-like drift-diffusion motions. The dynamic form-factors of such plasma have been found and their special features related to large-scale turbulent plasma motions have been revealed. A model of non-Markovian diffusion of particles in turbulent plasma was proposed, making possible to describe the saturation of plasma instabilities in limiting cases of weak and strong turbulence. The kinetic equations of systems with non-Markovian relaxation processes have been formulated. The theory of electromagnetic fluctuations in dusted plasma has been developed, which takes into account the charge fluctuations of dust particles. Recent papers of A. G. Zagorodny are concerned with the development of a consistent kinetic theory of dusted plasma on the basis of first principles of statistical mechanics.

Besides the scientific and pedagogical work, A. G. Zagorodny is strongly involved in the process of organizing the scientific research activities as the Principal Scientific Secretary of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Director of the Institute, Bureau member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, Head of the specialized academic board for awarding doctor-of-science degrees, member of the Scientific Council of the State Fundamental Research Foundation, Editor in chief of Ukrainian Journal of Physics and member of editorial staff of the journals Condensed Matter Physics (Lviv) and Scientific Notes of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy/Physical and Mathematical Sciences, deputy director of the Scientific Council on the topic "Plasma Physics and Plasma Electronics". A. G. Zagorodny is the member of the International Advisory Committee of International Congress on Plasma Physics, one of the world's biggest scientific forums on plasma physics. At present he proceeds with the preparation of the State purpose-oriented scientific-technical programme for introducing and employing the GRID technologies.