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Research / Main Fields of activity

Main Fields of activity

The main fields of activities of the Institute, approved by Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine, are:

  • Statistical theory of condensed matter
  • Computer simulations of physical processes in solid state and soft matter
  • Physics of complex systems.

Subjects of Scientific Research

Fundamental studies:

  • Methods of statistical physics and computer simulations
  • Theory of liquids and solutions
  • Theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Quantum theory of solids
  • Nonequlibrium processes and transport phenomena
  • Theory of relativistic systems
  • Soft matter physics
  • Physics of surface and heterogeneous catalysis

Applied studies:

  • Physical and chemical properties of fuel-containing materials in the "Shelter" facility
  • Theoretical methods of optically distinguishing images and protecting information
  • Modern information and computer technologies in science and education

Directions of scientific and organizational activities:

  • Training of high quality personnel
  • Publishing activity
  • Scientific cooperation
  • Conferences, meetings, seminars
  • Coordination of research