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About Institute / General Information

General Information

The Institute for Condensed Matter Physics (ICMP) of the NAS of Ukraine is the scientific research centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, affiliated with the Department of Physics and Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine.

ICMP was founded in accordance with the resolution of Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR № 213 from 7th of September 1990 on the basis of Lviv Division of Statistical Physics of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the UkrSSR.

The Institute is the state unprofitable establishment, governing the rights of juridical person. The economic base for the activities of ICMP is constituted by the budget financing.

The main purpose of ICMP of the NAS of Ukraine is: Accomplishing the fundamental research in the field of theoretical physics and condensed matter physics in accordance with scientific areas approved by Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine;

  • Accomplishing other kinds of scientific research in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics, information and computer technologies, ecology with the profit of obtaining new scientific knowledge;
  • Training of highly qualified personnel;
  • Teaching the students within the framework of Joint University Chairs;
  • Coordination of scientific studies in the field of statistical physics and condensed matter physics;
  • Spreading the results of scientific investigations, including the publishing activities, as well as organizing scientific conferences etc.

The Institute includes 84 members of the staff:
researchers - 61 (19 – doctors of science, 29 – candidates of science),
Postgraduate students seeking for PhD submission - 9,
Doctorants (PhD-s seeking for full habilitation doctor of science degree) - 4