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2020-2021:  BMBF call for activities supporting the integration of countries into the Eastern European Research Area. Project "Complex networks: self-organization and collective information processing"

2020-2021:  Bilateral OeAD-MON Project No. UA 09/2020 "Statistical physics and beyond: from the origins to European and global cooperation - from critical phenomena to complex systems"
2020-2021:  NAS Project KPKBK 6541230 "Self-organization and formation of structures in soft matter: analytical approaches and computer simulations"
2020-2021:  Project NRFU №2020.01/0338 "Computer simulations and theoretical approaches for the description of COVID-19 infection spread: a role of spatial inhomogeneity of population, heterogeneity of social contact network and social response"
2018-2022:  NAS Project KPKBK 6541030 "Methods and models of statistical physics to describe the origin of structures and explain scaling in complex systems"
2017-2018:  Project DFFD №76/105-2017 "Complex network concept in problems of quantum physics and cosmology" (0117U003869)  (in collaboration with Astronomical Observatory and Department of Theoretical Physics of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv)
2016-2017: Systematization of high school journals based on scientometrical studies (in collaboration with Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics)
2014-2017: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N612669
"Structure and Evolution of Complex Systems with Applications in Physics and Life Sciences" (STREVCOMS)
2013-2017: COST Action TD1210
"Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes - KNOWSCAPE"
2016- : L4 International Collaboration on Statistical Physics of Complex Systems. declaration
International doctoral college “Statistical Physics of Complex Systems
2014-2017: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N612707
"Dynamics of and in Complex Systems" (DIONICOS)
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2011-2016: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N295302
"Statistical Physics in Diverse Realizations" (SPIDER)
2011-2015: FP7-PEOPLE,  IRSES project N269139
"Dynamics and Cooperative Phenomena in Complex Physical and Biological Media" (DCP-PHYSBIO).
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 2012-2014: Alexander von Humboldt Research Group Linkage Partnership with the Institute for Theoretical Physics  (Leipzig University, Germany)
2012-2014:  Наукова робота за відомчою тематикою "Розробка концепції формування сегменту видавничої продукції НАН України в електронному середовищі" (у співпраці з ВД "Академперіодика")
2011-2012: Bilateral Austro-Ukrainian project M/270-2012
(with the Section for Science of Complex Systems, Medizinische Universität Wien) "Scientometrics: quantitative
approach to social phenomenа"
2009-2010: Bilateral Franco-Ukrainian project M-67-2009
(with the Group of Statistical Physics, Université Henry Poincaré Nancy) "Phase transitions in two-dimensional systems under realistic conditions"
2008-2013: COST Action MP0801 "Physics of Competition and Conflicts"