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All-institute seminars

All-institute seminars

Date Department Speaker Affiliation Presentation title
7.12.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP YU.Honchar ICMP

Peculiarities of scaling at phase transitions above critical dimensionality and description of DNA denaturation processes (based on dissertation materials)

30.11.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP I. Pylyuk ICMP

Equation of state and its use for analyzing the critical behavior of Morse fluids

16.11.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP Taras Demchuk ICMP NAS of Ukraine

Study of the dynamic properties of molten iron under high-pressure conditions: the approach of classical and ab initio molecular dynamics

9.11.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP Marta Hvozd ICMP

Thermodynamic and structural properties of spotted colloids in a polydisperse porous medium

2.11.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Krasnov ICMP

Water and ammonia molecules in carbon nanotubes: quantum chemical calculations

19.10.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP Marta Hvozd ICMP

Thermodynamic and structural properties of spotted colloids in a polydisperse porous medium

5.10.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Blavatska ICMP

The process of directed evolution in populations: statistical physics approaches

21.09.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP A. Duviryak ICMP

Radiation braking of polarized whirligig (or nanoparticles)

7.09.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Derzhko ICMP

Two-time temperature Green's functions in the quantum theory of magnetism. Then and now

1.09.2023, Fri 11:00 ICMP Ihor Yukhnovskii ICMP

A new look at phase transitions of the first kind

29.06.2023, Thu ICMP R. Melnyk ICMP

Excluded volume for hard-sphere system

15.06.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Krasnov ICMP

One-dimensional ammonia in a carbon nanotube

1.06.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP Yu. Honchar ICMP

Finite-dimensional scaling for the five-dimensional Ising model with different boundary conditions

18.05.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP D. Yaremchuk ICMP

Modeling of functional polymer materials with magneto- and optically-active particles and their response to external fields (based on the materials of the PhD dissertation

4.05.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Verkholyak ICMP

Quantum capacity in supercapacitors: how to increase energy storage

20.04.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP I. Kravtsiv ICMP

Distribution of charge and electric field potential in a heterogeneous solid electrolyte located between two electrodes

6.04.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP P. Sarkanych ICMP

The Potts Model with Invisible States: A Review and New Results

23.03.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Hutak ICMP

Thermodynamics of the S=½ Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the hyperkagome lattice

9.03.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP Ja. Ilnytskyi ICMP

Modeling of polymer brushes based on PNIPAM polymers aimed at forming functional surfaces

23.02.2023, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Hordiichuk ICMP

Applying the excluded volume concept to separation interparticle interaction in the statistical-mechanical description of simple fluids