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Structure / Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists of ICMP of NAS of Ukraine was established in 2000. It consists of young researchers not older than 35 years of age. According to the average age of scientists, the Institute is one of the youngest units in the structure of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. This prerequisite promoted formation of the Council to coordinate efforts of young researchers to find theirs own places in modern theoretical physics by means of active cooperation and experience exchange on joint meetings, scientific conferences and social occasions.

Each member of the Council gets an opportunity to prove himself as a scientist, to test his or her own organizational talent and to show creativity by taking an active part in an interesting and full-blooded life of the Institute.

Council of Young Scientists if ICMP of NAS of Ukraine is open for cooperation with young researchers from other scientific and educational institutions in Ukraine with the purpose of sharing the experiences and information, establishing new relationships inducing new ideas and enhancing scientific achievements of Ukrainian and worldwide science.

Website of the Council of Young Scientists: