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Jordan Lectures 2012

By olesya - Posted on 16 January 2012

19-20 January 2012
Svientsitskii Street, 1 (conference hall)

19 January, Thursday
14.00  Opening  (I. Mryglod)
14.05  Gas-liquid phase equilibrium in model ionic systems: Method of collective variables (О. Patsahan)
14.35  Polymers on fractal surfaces: numerical studies (V. Blavatska)
15.05  Ground states of Ising model on anisotropic triangular lattice: Stripes and  zigzags (Yu. Dublenych)
15.35-16.00  Coffee break
16.00   Nonergodicity and Bose-condensation in two-band Bose-Hubbard model in the limit of hard bosons:
           A self-consistent approach within RPA (О. Velychko)

16.30  On a relation between the temperature dependence of adsorbate T-mode and origin of  the
          interaction  "adsorbate-substrate"(V. Ignatyuk)
17.00  Piezoelectric resonance in Rochelle salt (А.Аndrusyk)
17.30  Analysis and modeling of processes of human activity (О.Мryglod)   

20 January, Friday
Orest  Pizio Honorary Session
(on the occasion of the 60-th anniversary of Prof. Orest Pizio)

14.00  Welcome speech (А. Trokhymchuk)

14.15  Application of the scaled particle theory to the description of fluids in disordered porous media (М.Holovko)
14.45  Network-forming liquids: An Yukawa m-point model (Yu.Kalyuzhnyi)
15.15  Ion-specific effects in aqueous solutions of ionenes (М. Druchok)
15.45-16.15  Coffee break
16.15  Origin of large Landau-Placzek ratio in dynamic structure factors of binary metallic alloys (T. Bryk)
16.45  Towards calculation of excluded volume  contribution in the van der Waals theory of liquid state
          (А. Trokhymchuk)

17.15  Recent progress in the description of model fluids and mixtures in pores and porous media: Integral
          equations, density functional methods and computer simulations (О.Pizio)
17.45  Closing