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Solemn ceremony of Doctor Honoris Causa diploma awarding

Solemn ceremony of Doctor Honoris Causa diploma awarding

By icmp_admin - Posted on 08 October 2013

The diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics will be presented to Oleksandr Bakai (Kharkiv, Ukraine) on Friday, 11.10.2013 during a gala ceremony that will take place in the ICMP Conference hall (1 Svientsitskii Str.) at 3.30 p.m.

Professor O. Bakai will give a lecture: «Mesoscopic theory of the liquid-vapour critical point: heterophase fluctuations and a manifestation of the short-range order in critical and supercritical fluids».
This honorary title has been awarded to Professor O. Bakai by a decision of the ICMP Scientific Council for the outstanding contribution to the theories of plasma, glass and liquids, development of the nuclear power material science, support of Ukrainian culture and spreading it worldwide, and also for the close cooperation with ICMP of NASU in the studies of disordered systems, phase transitions and critical phenomena.

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