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Bryk Taras

Bryk Taras

By Bryk Taras - Posted on 07 October 2010

Director of the Institute
Brief info: 

Born on 31 July 1963 in Drogobych of Lviv region. He graduated from the Physics Department of Ivan Franko Lviv State University with honors in 1985 . Taras Bryk works in the Lviv branch of statistical physics of ITP of Acad. of Sci. of UkrSSR since 1987. He is Doctor of Sciences since 2005, Head of Department for Computer Simulations of Many-Particle Systems since 2007. He was Deputy Director in 2006-2021, and since June 10, 2021 holds the post of Director.

Scientific interests: 
Collective dynamics in liquids and glasses, solid/liquid interfaces, classical and ab initio computer simulations
Recent papers: 
G.G.Simeoni, T.Bryk, F.A.Gorelli, M.Krisch, G.Ruocco, M.Santoro, T.Scopigno. "The Widom line as the crossover between liquid-like and gas-like behaviour in supercritical fluids" Nature Phys. v.6, 503 (2010)
T.Bryk, I.Mryglod, T.Scopigno, G.Ruocco, F.Gorelli, M.Santoro. "Collective excitations in supercritical fluids: Analytical and molecular dynamics study of "positive" and "negative" dispersion" J.Chem.Phys. v.133, 024502 (2010)
A.B.Belonoshko, T.Bryk, A.Rosengren. "Shear relaxation in iron under the conditions of Earth's inner core" Phys.Rev.Lett. v.104, 245703 (2010)
T.Bryk, J.-F.Wax. "Сollective dynamics in a disparate mass molten alloy Li4Tl: Analysis within the approach of generalized collective modes" Phys.Rev.B, v.80, 184206 (2009)
T.Bryk, I.Mryglod. "Ab initio study of generalized collective excitations in molten NaI" Phys.Rev.B, v.79, 184206 (2009)