¹ Participant Address Title of Presentation
1 Adamyan V. Odesa, UKRAINE 1D systems embedded into 3D space.
2 Andrusyk A. Lviv, UKRAINE Dynamic properties of the Mitsui model with transverse field. Application to the Rochelle salt crystal.
3 Bakai O.S. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Heterophase states and secondary liquid phase.
4 Bannikova N.N. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE Generalized Gross-Pitaevskii equation in kinetics of spatially nonuniform Bose condensate.
5 Baran O. Lviv, UKRAINE Transverse field effect on thermodynamic properties of the spin-3/2 Blume-Capel model on rectangular lattice.
6 Baumketner A. Lviv, UKRAINE/ Charlotte, USA Microscopic factors that control β-sheet registry in Amyloid fibrils formed by 11-25 fragment of Amyloid β-peptide: Insights from computer simulations.
7 Berche B. Nancy, FRANCE Gauge field theory approach to spin transport in semi-conductors.
8 Bianconi A. Roma, ITALY Feshbach resonances and multiband superconductivity near the misfit strain quantum critical point in the 3D phase diagram of high Tc superconductors.
9 Binas I. Lviv, UKRAINE Mass-dependence of self-diffusion coefficients in disparate-mass binary fluid mixtures.
10 Bogolubov N.N. (Jr.) Moscow, RUSSIA Kinetic equation for the dynamic system interacting with the phonon field in the case of space inhomogeneity.
11 Bonitz M. Kiel, GERMANY Quantum kinetic theory of ultrafast relaxation processes.
12 Bryk T. Lviv, UKRAINE Generalized collective modes in binary metallic glasses.
13 Bzovska I. Lviv, UKRAINE Catalytic CO oxidation reaction: lattice models and kinetic description.
14 Chelbaevsky Z.Yu. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE Kinetics of Bogolyubov Brownian oscillator model and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem.
15 Chepizhko O.O. Odesa, UKRAINE On the kinetic and hydrodynamic regimes of the Czirók-Vicsek model.
16 Ciach A. Warsaw, POLAND 1. Mesoscopic theory for soft-matter systems.
2. Simple three-state lattice model for water.
17 de Gregorio P. Torino, ITALY Memory effects in a non-equilibrium Langevin equation describing effective cooling via feedback currents.
18 Demyanenko D. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Equilibrium states and dynamics of magnetics with spin 1.
19 di Caprio D. Paris, FRANCE Field theory for classical systems. Entropic effects. Application to non homogeneous electrolytes.
20 Didukh L. Ternopil, UKRAINE New mean field approximation in the theory of strongly correlated systems.
21 Diehl H.W. Duisburg, GERMANY Effective forces due to confined nearly critical fluctuations.
22 Dinh Thanh-Chung Linz, AUSTRIA Ground states of anisotropic antiferromagnets with single ion and cubic anisotropy.
23 Dong W. Lyon, FRANCE Fluids confined in random porous media: some recent progresses.
24 Donoso A. Caracas, VENEZUELA/ Nancy, FRANCE Thermodynamics of small electromagnetic generators, an experimental perspective.
25 Druchok M. Lviv, UKRAINE Modeling of cationic polyelectrolyte solutions in water: influence of the hydrophobic groups on interaction with sodium halides.
26 Dublenych Yu. I. Lviv, UKRAINE Ground states of lattice gas models on the triangular and honeycomb lattices: devil's step and quasicrystals.
27 Dubrovskii I. Kyiv, UKRAINE Two-dimensional electron gas in magnetic field.
28 Dudka M. Lviv, UKRAINE Correlation functions and amplitude ratio for relaxational dynamics with energy conservation.
29 Dutka F. Warszawa, POLAND Effective Hamiltonian for fluid membranes in the presence of long-ranged forces.
30 Dybiec B. Kraków, POLAND Stochastic resonance, synchronization and transport in systems driven by Levy noises.
31 Ebeling W. Berlin, GERMANY Bound states of electrons with soliton-like excitations in one- and two-dimensional thermal systems.
32 Fil D.V. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Superfluid state of magnetoexitons in double layer graphene structures.
33 Folk R. Linz, AUSTRIA Biconical critical dynamics.
34 Foyevtsova K. Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY DFT-based derivation of the microscopic model for the frustrated antiferromagnet Cs2CuCl4.
35 Fridman Yu.A. Simferopol, UKRAINE 2D non-Heisenberg ferromagnet with complex exchange interactions.
36 Frydel D. Tel Aviv, ISRAEL Sound contributions to the short time dynamics of a quasi–1D colloidal suspension.
37 Galdina O.M. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE The thermodynamic stability of statistical models in the supercritical region.
38  Gloskovskaya N. Kyiv, UKRAINE Square-well fluids.
39 Goliney I.Yu. Kyiv, UKRAINE Effect of the thermal vibration on the acceleration of neutral atoms during a surface phase transition.
40 Golubjeva O.N. Dubna, RUSSIA A quantum generalization of equilibrium statistical thermodynamics.
41 Gorenstein M.I. Kyiv, UKRAINE New concept of statistical ensembles.
42 Goroshchenko S.Ya. Kyiv, UKRAINE Structural phase transitions in cylindrically confined electronic clusters.
43. Hera O.B. Lviv, UKRAINE Bose-Hubbard model in bosonic dynamical mean-field theory.
44 Hirata Fumio Okazki, JAPAN Statistical mechanics reached at the point where it can explain elementary processes in life phenomena.
45 Hlushak S.P. Lviv, UKRAINE Phase diagram of Yukawa chain fluid with polydispersity in length.
46 Holovatch T. Nancy, FRANCE/Coventry, UK Network harness: bundles of routes in public transport networks.
47 Holovko M. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. Contact theorems for charge and density profiles of ionic fluids on the charged surface.
2. Scaled particle theory for one- and two-dimensional hard sphere fluids confined in random porous media.
48 Horsch M. Paderborn, GERMANY Steady-state molecular dynamics simulation of vapour to liquid nucleation with McDonald's daemon.
49 Howczak O. Kraków, POLAND A simple approach to ferroelectric ferromagnets: the case of BiMnO3.
50 Humenyuk Y.A. Lviv, UKRAINE Kinetic theory of transport coefficients for dense gaseous mixtures with multistep interaction.
51 Iglói F. Budapest, HUNGARY Nonequilibrium entanglement entropy of quantum spin chains.
52 Ignatyuk V. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. On the description of the quantum surface diffusion: Non-markovian effects vs. jump dynamics.
2. Some semi-phenomenological approaches to description of microcracks formation in solids.
53 Ilnytskyi J. Lviv, UKRAINE Molecular dynamics simulations of polymer liquid crystals.
54 Janke W. Leipzig, GERMANY Football fever: self-affirmation model for goal distributions.
55 Kalugin O. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Translational and rotational dynamics of methanol molecules in NiCl2-methanol solutions: MD simulations vs. quasi-elastic neutron scattering.
56 Kalyuzhnyi Y. Lviv, UKRAINE Liquid-gas phase behavior of polydisperse dipolar hard-sphere fluid.
57 Kapikranian O. Lviv, UKRAINE Peculiarities of the quasi-long-range ordered phase in a diluted two-dimensional XY model.
58 Kenna R. Coventry, UK The site-diluted Ising model.
59 Kharchenko D. Sumy, UKRAINE 1. Properties of phase separation processes in binary stochastic systems with thermal diffusion and ballistic mixing.
2. Entropy driven mechanism for ordering, phase separation and patterning in binary stochastic systems.
60 Kharlamov G.V. Novosibirsk, RUSSIA The surface tension of small drops.
61 Khodusov V.D. Kharkiv, UKRAINE On application of the statistical theory for the description of industrial systems.
62 Khomenko A.V. Sumy, UKRAINE Modeling of nanoindentation of α-graphite using registry-dependent interlayer potential.
63 Khovanets G. Lviv, UKRAINE Diffusion coefficient of macroradicals in polymer matrix.
64 Kim Seung-Yeon Chungju, SOUTH KOREA Estimation of the critical points and the thermal scaling exponents for the square-lattice Ising antiferromagnet in nonzero uniform magnetic fields using its specific heat.
65 Kimiagar Salimeh Tehran, IRAN Statistical properties of the ballistic deposition and solid on solid models.
66 Kirichenko O. Kharkiv, UKRAINE 1. High-frequency impedance of layered conductors in a quantizing magnetic field.
2. Electron transport in strongly anisotropic structures in a magnetic field.
67 Kitsenko L.N. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Critical phenomena in systems with a joint multicritical and Lifshitz point.
68 Kleshchonok A.V. Kyiv, UKRAINE Instability of the nematic liquid crystal filled with sphere-like magnetic-impurity particles against formation of the modulated structures.
69 Kobryn A.E. Edmonton, CANADA Molecular theory of  hydrodynamic boundary conditions in nanofluidics.
70 Kokailo V.S. Kyiv, UKRAINE Anharmonicity effects in the phonon spectrum of crystals with hexagonal close-packed lattice.
71 Kondrat S. Stuttgart, GERMANY 1. Critical Casimir interaction of ellipsoidal colloids with a planar wall.
2. On the theory of bulk properties of ionic liquid crystals.
72 Kopp T. Augsburg, GERMANY Flux periodicities in loops of nodal superconductors.
73 Kopylets V. Lviv, UKRAINE Density functional theory study of molecular oxygen interaction with the surface of stable binary nanoclusters of platinum and palladium.
74 Korynevskii M. Lviv, UKRAINE/ Szczecin, POLAND 1. Dipole glass phase in ferro-antiferroelectric mixed systems.
2. The EPR results and interpretation of thermodynamic functions behaviour for SASD type crystals.
75 Koshihara Shin-ya Tsukuba/Tokyo, JAPAN Dynamics of cooperative lattice-charge (spin) coupled phenomena under far equilibrium condition induced by fs laser light irradiation.
76 Kostrobij P.P. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. Semi-infinite metal: thermodynamic characteristics and effective pair interionic potentials.
2. Dielectric function for a semi-infinite metal.
77 Kovalevsky M.Y. Kharkiv, UKRAINE 1. Polarization features of acoustic waves and Green functions in uniaxial nematic liquid crystals.
2. On mutual influence of transport processes and inner structure in condensed media.
78 Kozitsky Y. Lublin, POLAND Phase transitions and quantum stabilization in quantum anharmonic crystals.
79 Kozlovskii M. Lviv, UKRAINE Critical behavior of  3D Ising-like systems in an external field.
80 Kravchenko L.Yu. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Critical velocities and stationary waves in a two-component supersonic superfluid.
81 Kulinskii V.L. Kiev, UKRAINE The choice of the proper order parameter and the asymmetry effects in the critical behavior.
82 Kuporov V. Lviv, UKRAINE Generalized diffusion coefficients in multicomponent fluids.
83 Kuwata-Gonokami Makoto Tokyo, JAPAN Cold excitons in a quantum degenerate regime.
84 Lee Jae Hwan Seoul, KOREA Partition function zeros of two-simensional lattice homopolymers.
85 Lemański R. Wrocław, POLAND Relationships between electron band filling and type of charge and magnetic order.
86 Lev B. Kyiv, UKRAINE Brownian motion as a model of evolution of nonequilibrium system.
87 Levitskii R.R. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. Dielectric, piezoelectric, elastic, dynamic, and thermal properties of KH2PO4 type ferroelectric compounds.
2. Influence of transverse electric fields on physical properties of the Rochelle salt NaKC4H4O6 · 4 H2O.
88 Lisnii B. Lviv, UKRAINE Magnetic and thermal properties of the Ising-Hubbard diamond chain.
89 Löwen H. Düsseldorf, GERMANY Brownian dynamics of a self-propelled particle on a substrate.
90 Lukšič M. Ljubljana, SLOVENIA Adsorption of model electrolytes in disordered porous materials. Predictions of the replica integral equation theory.
91 Lyagushyn S.F. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE Kinetics of electromagnetic field in nonequilibrium medium of emitters.
92 Lyashenko I.A. Sumy, UKRAINE Thermodynamic theory of stick-slip mode of ultrathin lubricant film melting.
93 Lytvynenko D. Kharkiv, UKRAINE On equilibrium charge distribution above dielectric surface.
94 Maksymenko M. Lviv, UKRAINE Towards thermodynamics of flat-band electron systems.
95 Mancini F. Salerno, ITALY Phase transitions in Ising chains.
96 Mancini F. P. Salerno, ITALY Magnetic properties of a strongly correlated system on the Bethe lattice.
97 Marchenko S. Odessa, UKRAINE Excitonic states in double-walled carbon nanotubes.
98 Markiv B. Lviv, UKRAINE Nonequilibrium statistical operator in the generalized molecular hydrodynamics of liquids.
99 Matsuyama Akihiko Fukuoka, JAPAN Crystalline ordering of colloidal particles dispersed in liquid crystals.
100 Matveev O.P. Lviv, UKRAINE Raman scattering in the charge-density-wave phase of the spinless Falicov-Kimball model.
101 Medvedevskikh Yu. Lviv, UKRAINE Distribution of internal links of the polymer chain in self-avoiding random walks statistics.
102 Melnyk I.M. Kyiv, UKRAINE Influence of the temperature-dependent electron energy spectrum realignment on the formation of homogeneous magnetic short-range-ordered regions in disordered b.c.c. alloys.
103 Melnyk R. Lviv, UKRAINE An augmented van der Waals theory of strongly interacting fluids.
104 Menchyshyn O. Lviv, UKRAINE A study of phase diagram of hard-core boson model with non-ergodic contributions.
105 Morozov V.G. Moscow, RUSSIA Photon kinetics in plasmas.
106 Myhal V. Lviv, UKRAINE Nucleation and cavitation phenomena in a fluid of two-level atoms in the presence of external electromagnetic fields.
107 Mysakovych T.S. Lviv, UKRAINE Thermodynamics of lattice model of intercalation.
108 Napiorkowski M. Warszawa, POLAND Solvation forces in 2D Ising stripes.
109 Ogawa Tetsuo Osaka, JAPAN Quantum cooperative phenomena in photoexcited insulators:  Exciton Mott transition and electron-hole pair condensation.
110 Ohanyan V. Yerevan, ARMENIA Exact solution of the antiferromagnetic sawtooth chain with Ising and Heisenberg bonds.
111 Olemskoi A.I. Sumy, UKRAINE Self-similarity degree of deformed statistical ensembles.
112 Omelyan I. Lviv, UKRAINE Almost exact multiple time scale molecular dynamics.
113 Palchykov V. Lviv, UKRAINE Coupled order parameter system on a scale-free network.
114 Panchenko D. Odesa, UKRAINE The electronic structure of the Abrikosov vortex core and the pinning on a cylindrical defect.
115 Patsahan O. Lviv, UKRAINE Gas-liquid critical point in model ionic fluids with charge and size asymmetry.
116 Pavlenko N. Lviv, UKRAINE Structural relaxation at interfaces of transition metal oxides.
117 Petrov E. G. Kyiv, UKRAINE Kinetics of current formation in nanomolecular devices.
118 Pizio Orest Mexico city, MEXICO Thermodynamics of adsorption and properties of simple fluids on solid surfaces modified by layers of grafted chains. Recent advances from density functional approaches.
119 Plakida N. Dubna, RUSSIA Dynamic spin susceptibility and superconductivity in cuprates.
120 Ponedilok G. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. Quantum statistical theory of submonolayer magnetic films at simple metal surfaces.
2. Functional integral theory of chemisorption.
121 Postupna O. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Molecular dynamic simulations of concentrated solutions for Lithium-ion batteries.
122 Prykarpatsky A. Drohobych, UKRAINE The relativistic electrodynamics least action principles revisited: new charged point particle and hadronic string models analysis.
123 Prytula O. Lviv, UKRAINE Transverse dynamics of binary fluids with mass asymmetry.
124 Pylyuk I.V. Lviv, UKRAINE A method for the calculation of the free energy of three-dimensional uniaxial magnet in an external field on the basis of the higher non-Gaussian distribution.
125 Rebenko A.L. Kyiv, UKRAINE Quasi-lattice approximation of statistical systems with strong superstable interactions.
126 Romanik R.V. Lviv, UKRAINE The equation of state of three-dimensional Ising-like system.
127 Rozhkov A.A. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Towards the theory of superfluid with triplet order parameter and conformational degrees of freedom.
128 Ruocco G. Roma, ITALY Aging and flow in a colloidal suspension.
129 Russier V. Paris, FRANCE A statistical field theory approach applied to the liquid vapor interface.
130 Selke W. Aachen, GERMANY Classical and quantum anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets.
131 Shchur Ya. Lviv, UKRAINE Lattice dynamical study of phase transitions in TlH2PO4 and TlD2PO4 crystals.
132 Sheiko N. Kyiv, UKRAINE The shear elasticity of ice Ih near the melting point.
133 Shpot M. A. Lviv, UKRAINE Lifshitz points: Recent theoretical progress.
134 Shul’ga N.F. Kharkiv, UKRAINE The penetration of high energy charged particles through bent crystals.
135 Shvets V. Odesa, UKRAINE Equation of state for interior of giant planets.
136 Shygorin P. Lutsk, UKRAINE 1. Dynamics of the condensed Bose gas at the nonzero temperatures.
2. Modified Bogolyubov's derivation of the two-fluid hydrodynamic equations for superfluid helium.
137 Skorenkyy Yu. Ternopil, UKRAINE Correlation effects in the model of orbitally degenerate electronic subsystem of fullerides: the configurational representation of Hamiltonian.
138 Sliusarenko O. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Escape problem for fractional Brownian motion.
139 Slyusarenko Yu.V. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Microscopic theory of electromagnetic pulses slowing in a Bose condensate of alkali-metal atoms.
140 Sokolovsky A.I. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE Bogolyubov reduced description method in kinetics of quasi-steady-state catalysis.
141 Sokolovsky S.A. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE 1. Concept of the local equilibrium and hydrodynamic states of phonons of a solid.
2. Spatially nonuniform relaxation phenomena in electron-phonon subsystem of a solid.
142 Soldatov A.V. Moscow, RUSSIA Method of intermediate problems in the Frohlich polaron model.
143 Soldatova E. D. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE Gruneisen parameter behaviour in the critical region of metallic cerium.
144 Solovyan V. Lviv, UKRAINE Nonlocal and many-particle effects in the microscopic theory of metals.
145 Sorokov S.I. Lviv, UKRAINE Thermodynamics and relaxation properties of Rb1-x(NH4)xH2PO4  type proton glasses.
146 Sotnikov A. Kharkiv, UKRAINE On some effects in the ultraslow light phenomenon in Bose-Einstein condensates of alkali-metal atoms.
147 Soviak E.M. Lviv, UKRAINE Spatially confined fluid with the Yukawa interaction.
148 Spałek J. Kraków, POLAND 1. Scaling of the renormalized single-particle wave function near Mott-Hubbard localization.
2. Superconductivity in an almost localized Fermi liquid of quasiparticles with spin-dependent masses and effective field induced by electron correlations.
149 Stafiej J. Warsaw, POLAND A toy model simulations for passivation on metallic surfaces based on stochastic cellular automata.
150 Stasyuk I.V. Lviv, UKRAINE Phase diagrams of Bose-Hubbard model.
151 Stegailov V.V. Moscow, RUSSIA Theory, atomistic modeling and simulation of relaxation processes in condensed matter.
152 Stetsiv R. Lviv, UKRAINE Dynamical conductivity of the hydrogen bonded structures in charge ordered phases.
153 Strečka J. Košice, SLOVAK REPUBLIC Quantum critical point, reentrant phase transitions and weak-universal critical behaviour of the spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg model with the pair XXZ Heisenberg interaction and the quartic Ising interaction.
154 Stupka A. Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE 1. Plasma theory of phonons in a liquid.
2. Time dispersion in the Bogolyubov reduced description method.
155 Sugakov V.I. Kyiv, UKRAINE Self-organization processes at exciton condensation in quantum wells.
156 Sushko M.Ya. Odesa, UKRAINE Compact group approach to analysis of the dielectric and optical characteristics of finely dispersed systems and liquids.
157 Svidzynskyj A. Lutsk, UKRAINE On two alternative methods in the theory of superconductive contacts.
158 Sznajd J. Wrocław, POLAND Thermodynamics, geometrical frustration and quantum fluctuations in coupled spin chains.
159 Takieh T. Tehran, IRAN Multi-fractal behavior of sol-gel transition of anisotropic colloidal particles suspension.
160 Tarasevich D. Odesa, UKRAINE Statistical theory of crystal phases: the boundary of thermodynamic stability.
161 Thurner S. Vienna, AUSTRIA Toward a Hamiltonian evolution dynamics - or why complex dynamical systems crash from time to time.
162 Tkach M. Chernivtsi, UKRAINE 1. The theory of electro-magnetic radiation of electron moving through the resonance-tunnel structure.
2. Stationary and quasistationary electron spectrum in quantum wire and quantum anti-dot with impurity.
163 Tovstyuk C. Lviv, UKRAINE Permutation group theory for construction of Feynman diagrams for mass operator of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions.
164 Trokhimchuck P. Lutsk, UKRAINE Bogolyubov approach and relaxed optics.
165 Tsvir Zh. Kyiv, UKRAINE On derivation of quantum kinetic equations and nonlinear Schrödinger equation.
166 Usatenko Z. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. A dilute solution of long-flexible polymer chains trapped between two parallel walls: Massive field theory approach.
2. Massive field theory approach for polymer chains in confined geometries.
167 Vasilyev O. Stuttgart, GERMANY Computation of universal scaling functions of critical Casimir forces using Monte Carlo simulations.
168 Vasylenko A. Lviv, UKRAINE Generalized transport equations for the "gas-semi-bounded metal" system.
169 Vavrukh M. Lviv, UKRAINE 1. The calculation of the strong-coupled electron liquid model characteristics in frames of the reference system approach.
2. The microscopic model of the real degenerated dwarfs with gravity and electrical interactions.
3. The electron localized states in the screened charge field.
170 Velychko O.V. Lviv, UKRAINE Deformational effects in the two-positional lattice gas approach for intercalated systems.
171 Verkholyak T. Lviv, UKRAINE Quantum spin-1/2 XX model on a distorted diamond chain and Jordan-Wigner fermionization.
172 Vikhrenko V.S. Minsk, BELARUS 1. Modeling of the phase transition kinetics in lattice systems.
2. Peculiarities of diffusion of particles on disordered lattices.
173 Vodyanitski A. Kharkiv, UKRAINE Modulation of the neutron field in the multiplying condensed matter and coolant.
174 Volkov O. Lviv, UKRAINE A polydisperse hard spheres model for interatomic correlations in multicomponent metallic melts.
175 von Ferber C. Coventry, UK/ Freiburg, GERMANY Public transport networks under random failure and directed attack.
176 Vorobiev Y.V. Queretaro, MEXICO Non-equilibrium spin dynamics in dilute magnetic semiconductor under optical polarization spin of electrons and carrier-warming electric field.
177 Vorobyov O. Lviv, UKRAINE Spectral densities of one-dimensional Pauli conductor obtained via exact diagonalization technique.
178 Vysochanskii Yu. Uzhgorod, UKRAINE Anharmonicity of Sn2P2S6 ferroelectrics.
179 Wydro T. Nancy, FRANCE Tests of Conformal Field Theory Predictions for the Yang-Lee Singularity.
180 Yanishevsky V. Drogobych, UKRAINE Novel approaches in statistical physics.
182 Yukhnovskii I. Kyiv/Lviv, UKRAINE TBA
183 Zaburannyi O. Lviv, UKRAINE Next-neighbour interactions in BCSOS surface model.
184 Zagorodny A. Kyiv, UKRAINE Effective grain interactions and negative friction in dusty plasmas.
185 Zagrebnov V.A. Marseille, FRANCE Bose condensation in (random) traps.
186 Zavalniuk V. Odesa, UKRAINE Electron density of states for double-walled carbon nanotubes.
187 Zelinskyy Ya.R. Kyiv, UKRAINE Photoinduced control of single molecule conductance.
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