General information

The 3-rd Conference "Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications" will be held in June 23-25, 2009, in Lviv, Ukraine. It is organized by the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics (Lviv, Ukraine) and is dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Academician M.M.Bogolyubov (1909-1992) and to the 40-th anniversary of the Department of Statistical Theory of Condensed States of Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyiv), which formed the basis of the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics.

Poster of the Conference is available here.

Conference format

The Conference will be organized in the form of invited lectures (about 30 min), contributed talks (about 20 min) and poster presentations. Official language of the Conference is English.

Main topics

List of invited lecturers

Plenary lecture: pl.; keynote lecture at topical sections: top.

All lectures last 30 minutes.

  • V.Adamyan (top)
  • A.Bakai (pl)
  • B.Berche (top)
  • A.Bianconi (top)
  • N.Bogolyubov Jr. (pl)
  • M.Bonitz (pl)
  • A.Ciach (pl)
  • D. di Caprio (top)
  • H.W.Diehl (pl)
  • W.Ebeling (pl)
  • C.von Ferber (top)
  • R.Folk (pl)
  • F. Igloi (top)
  • F.Hirata (pl)
  • M.Holovko (pl)
  • W.Janke (pl)
  • R.Kenna (top)
  • T. Kopp (top)
  • S.Koshihara (top)
  • M.Kuwata-Gonokami (top)
  • Y. Kozitsky (top)
  • R.Lemański (top)
  • B.Lev (top)
  • V.Loktev (pl)
  • H.Löwen (pl)
  • F.Mancini (pl)
  • V.Morozov (top)
  • M.Napiorkowski (top)
  • T.Ogawa (top)
  • A.Olemskoi (top)
  • E.Petrov (top)
  • O.Pizio (top)
  • N.Plakida (pl)
  • G.Ruocco (pl)
  • V.Russier (top)
  • W.Selke (top)
  • N.Shulga (top)
  • Yu.Slyusarenko (top)
  • J.Spalek (top)
  • I.Stasyuk (top)
  • V.Sugakov (top)
  • J.Sznajd (pl)
  • S.Thurner (pl)
  • M.Tkach (top)
  • I.Yukhnovskii (pl)
  • A.Zagorodny (pl)
  • V.Zagrebnov (pl)

Important dates

Deadline for registration - February 1

Deadline for abstract submission - April 15

Second Announcement - May 10

Manuscript submision deadline - June 23

Conference dates - June 23-25

Conference proceedings

All contributors to the Statphys'2009 conference presenting an oral or a poster communication may submit a paper for the Proceedings. The deadline for manuscript submission is the first working day of the Conference.

Financial support

Limited financial support will be available for young participants.

Conference fee

The Conference fee is 100 EURO which includes Programme and Book of abstracts, Social events, Get-together party and Coffee breaks. The Conference fee may be paid via bank transfer (for more details see here) or during the registration at the registration desk.

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