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All-institute seminars

All-institute seminars

Date Department Speaker Affiliation Presentation title
15.09.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Hutak ICMP

Heisenberg's antiferromagnet on a sawtooth chain: dynamics, thermodynamics, experiment

1.09.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP Y. Humenyuk ICMP

Nonlinear kinematic waves in one-dimensional lattices stochastic systems

30.06.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Patsahan ICMP

Influence of spatial constraint on the phase behavior of ionic solutions

16.06.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Mryglod ICMP

Another attempt to understand the nature of h-index and its consistency on aggregated levels

2.06.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Velychko ICMP

Model description of dielectric properties of the Sn2P2S6-type ferroelectrics taking into account a deformational rearrangement of the local potential

5.05.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP Oksana Patsahan ICMP

Correlation functions in concentrated electrolytes

21.04.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Tokarchuk ICMP

On the main results of research of the ICMP of the NAS of Ukraine on the physical and chemical properties of fuel-containing materials in the Chernobyl Shelter

7.04.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP V. Ignatyuk ICMP

Dynamic correlations in open quantum systems: a new look at old problems

24.03.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP Oksana Dobush ICMP

Phase behaviour of continuous system of interacting particles

17.02.2022, Thu 11:00 ICMP Yuri Kozitskii UMCS, Lublin, Poland

Statistical mechanics of large populations

23.12.2021, Thu 11:00 ICMP Oksana Dobush ICMP

Phase behavior of a cell model with Curie-Weiss interaction

10.06.2021, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Shpot ICMP

Critical behavior of spatially inhomogeneous systems

22.04.2021, Thu 11:00 ICMP Stetsiv Roman ICMP

One-particle spectral densities and phase diagrams of one-dimensional proton conductors

10.12.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Ihor Pylyuk ICMP

Microscopic description of the Morse fluid behavior in the immediate vicinity of the critical point

12.11.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Hutak ICMP

Thermodynamics of frustrated spin systems

3.09.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP T. Demchuk ICMP

The properties of one-particles and collective dynamics of metallic liquids at high pressures

27.08.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP Oleh Velychko ICMP

Quantum lattice models applied to systems with adsorbed or intercalated particles and optical lattices

18.06.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Dudka ICMP

Equilibrium and nonequilibrium critical properties of the systems with broken O(N)-symmetry

4.06.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP O. Kalyuzhnyi ICMP

Properties of form of the branched polymers

28.05.2020, Thu 11:00 ICMP M. Hvozd ICMP

Ionic fluids in anisotropic solvents: thermodynamic properties and phase behavior in the bulk and in a disordered porous medium