Marian Smoluchowski

Marian Smoluchowski worked at the University of Lviv since 1899 and held the chair of theoretical physics in 1903-1913. This period was the most fruitful time for his scientific work, leading to novel studies in the field of theory of fluctuations, Brownian motion, kinetic theory of colloids, etc. During these 14 years Marian Smoluchowski authored about eighty publications, including numerous papers and several textbooks; the list can be accessed at

Two lectures about M. Smoluchowski are scheduled for the first working day of the conference ( July 3, 18:10):

Peter Hänggi, Dept. of Physics Univ. Augsburg, Germany

Smoluchowski's Oeuvre: Its Impact for Physics and Chemistry

In my presentation I will make an attempt to cover the salient scientific achievement by Marian von Smoluchowski during his life which ended far too early with his sudden death on September 05, 1917 at his young age of only 45.

Being the godfather for what is nowadays known as "Stochastic Physics" he made ground-breaking contributions to (1) the theory of Brownian motion, (2) the theory of sedimentation (Smoluchowski equation), (3) the statistical nature of the Second Law, (4) experiments and theory of density fluctuations (critical Opalescence) and last but not least, during his final years of scientific creativity (5) his pioneering theory of coagulation and diffusion-limited reaction rate theory. These outstanding achievements present true gems which dominate the description of soft matter physics and chemical physics, as well as related areas, to these very days!

The pdf file of the lecture please find here.

Andrij Rovenchak, Dept. of Theoretical Physics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Period for Smoluchowski: Science, teaching, and beyond

A major part of Smoluchowski's scientific achievements corresponds to the period of his work at the University of Lviv. In the talk, the emphasis will be made on other activities of this outstanding scientist: his teaching, his organizational efforts, and even his hobbies.

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