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Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Place: ICMP сonference hall
Time: every Thursday, 15:30

01.09 - Scaling exponents for complex branched copolymers - Khristina Haydukivska

08.09 - Complexity Science Hub Vienna: institution and its residents - Yurij Holovatch

15.09 - The temporal structure of the activity of impulsive non-adaptive neurons in the presence of direct and mediated delayed feedback - Olha Shchur

22.09 - Calculation of permutational entropy without permutations - Olexandr Vidybida

29.09 - Optimization of the directed evolution process - Viktoria Blavatska

06.10 - Structural and mechanical properties of elastomers in the representation of a complex network - Mariana Krasnytska

13.10 - Scaling at space dimensionality greater than critical - Yulian Honchar

20.10 - Consensus decision-making: a model and some results - Petro Sarkanych

27.10 - Behaviour of the entropy of interacting particles system in the first-order phase transition - Oksana Dobush


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