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Seminar "Statistical physics of complex systems"

Place: ICMP сonference hall
Time: every Thursday, 15:30

04.03 - The infection spreading on scale-free vaccinated networks (the series "Epidemiology for complex systems") - Viktoria Blavatska

11.03 - The SEIRVS model with effects of immunity and vaccination for the description of the COVID-19 spread (the series "Epidemiology for complex systems") - Jaroslav Ilnytskyi

18.03 - Mechanical properties and phase transitions in Tin + 1 Cn MXenes and metallic nanomaterials under the influence of external action of deformation and temperature - ‪Vadym Borysiuk

25.03 - Hidden Structure of Human Connectomes - Bosiljka Tadic

01.04 - Randomly Evolving Platonic Solids: a zero-player game - Thierry Platini

08.04 - The sources of Ukrainian scholar metadata. Quantitative analysis of Ukrainian Economics research as a case study - Olesya Mryglod 

15.04 - Spectral content of a single trajectory - Gleb Oshanin

22.04 - Analyticity of critical exponents of the O(N) models from nonperturbative renormalization - Andrzej Chlebicki 
29.04 - tba (the series "Epidemiology for complex systems") - Taras Patsahan
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