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Seminar "Methods of Statistical Physics"

Location: conference room, ICMP
Time: every third Wednesday, 11:00



07.02 - The theoretical model of a new thechnology of color printing ICaS-ColorPrintc- Mykhailo Shovgenyuk
28.02 - The equation of state of a fluid model in the supercritical region - Oksana Dobush
21.03 - Deformation of the XXZ-1/2 Heisenberg spin chain - Taras Krokhmalskyy
04.04 - A Curie-Weiss theory of the continuum Widom-Rowlinson model - Mykhailo Kozlovskii
11.04 - Nonequilibrium evolutionary thermodynamics of metals fragmentation with taking into account stochasticity - Darya Troshchenko (Sumy State University)
23.05 - The Casimir effect and integrals of the products of the Hurwitz zeta functions - Mykola Shpot
13.06 - Microscopic description of the critical behavior of a fluid model in the low-temperature region with allowance for order-parameter fluctuations - Ihor Pylyuk
04.07 - Ising model for a two-level partially excited magnetic system - Mykola Korynevskii
??.?? - Fluctuational nanoclusters in a liquid magnet. The lattice gas model - Volodymyr Solovyan