Ising Lectures in Lviv (1997-2017)
Ed. M. Krasnytska, R. de Regt, P. Sarkanych.
Lviv: ICMP NASU, 2017. 228 p.

Ernst Ising Doctoral dissertation Beitrag zur Theorie des Ferro- und Paramagnetismus, Hamburg, 1924:

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Thanks to Tom Ising for granting his family's permission to post the thesis on this website. Thanks also to Reinhard Folk for obtaining this copy.

Memoirs of Ernst Ising wife Jane (Johanna) Ehmer Ising:

Walk on a tightrope or Paradise lasted a year and a half

Talk of Thomas Ising at Brown University:

Some scenes from Ernest Ising

Texts of former Ising lectures have appeared as separate books:

"ORDER, DISORDER AND CRITICALITY. Advanced Problems of Phase Transition Theory"

Ed. Yu. Holovatch, World Scientific, Singapore

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