Condensed Matter Physics, 2004, vol. 7, No. 3(39), p. 673-674, English

Title: A short story about Yu.L. Klimontovich, V.P. Silin, K.P. Stanukovich and quasilinear theory
Authors: A.A.Rukhadze (A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)

This story is mainly about Yu.L. Klimontovich and less about V.P. Silin, the two people whom I deeply adore, and just a very little about K.P. Stanukovich. We were friends with Yu.L. Klimontovich since 1959 till his death at the end of 2002. At our seminars on theoretical physics at the General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (GPI RAS) he was jokingly called ``the last Boltsmann of the modern physics'' (and every joke contains a lot of truth). And I consider (and not only me) that my mentor, V.P. Silin, is the most powerful intellect I ever witnessed. K.P. Stanukovich was not the least physicist and his equation of a matter state during an explosion, the equation of Landau-Stanukovich, is priceless.

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