Condensed Matter Physics, 1999, vol. 2, No. 2(18), p. 187-188, English


The two subsequent issues of CMP contain Proceedings of the INTAS-Ukraine Workshop on Condensed Matter Physics held in Lviv 21 -- 24 May, 1998. The Workshop was organized by the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv) under the financial support of the International Association for the promotion of co--operation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union (INTAS) and the Ministry of Sciences and Technologies of Ukraine. The aim of the Workshop was to promote and strengthen the existing collaboration between physicists working in the field of condensed matter physics as well as to discuss of the recent studies performed within the framework of INTAS projects.
The programme of the Workshop included lectures, short oral communications and poster communications in the fields of soft condensed matter, physics of plasma and solid state physics. Results reported in the invited lectures and in short communications on soft condensed matter (including ionic and molecular liquids, colloids, H-bonded systems, disordered systems, polymers) and plasma physics are presented in No.~2(18), vol.~2 of CMP. Solid state physics (including ferromagnets, metals and alloys, ferroelectrics, semiconductors, high--T$_{\rm c}$ superconductors) is the subject of the next issue (No.~3(19), vol.~2).
The Workshop was attended by 131 participants from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the USA and the programme comprised 24~invited lectures, 13~short communications and 64~poster contributions. By the decision of the Programme Committee the best poster contributions are included into the Proceedings as well.
The~15 INTAS projects were a subject of discussion at the Workshop. The list of the INTAS projects considered and the complete list of participants are attached in the end of the Proceedings.
It is our pleasure to thank the invited speakers, the chairs of the sessions and more generally to all scientists who contributed to the success of the Workshop. Special thanks for the financial support of the INTAS and the Ministry of Sciences and Technologies of Ukraine.

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